The staff at New Temple of Praise Church has spent many years devoted to the christian faith. Our staff enjoys sharing that faith and knowledge with others in our church community. Here are a few of New Temple of Praise Church’s staff members, starting with Lalan Phillips:

Lalan Phillips

Apostle Lalan Phillips is the founder and Senior Pastor of New Temple of Praise Church who received and accepted the call of God to minister His Word to the people while in his teens.
He started as the Youth Pastor in his grandmother’s church and has taken his calling seriously since his youth. He has reached a vast number of young people through his music, teaching and preaching ministries.
He is a kingdom builder and has brought revival and deliverance to God’s people in various areas of their walk with God. He is an authentic soul winner for Christ.
He is faithful to his calling and labors diligently in the Word. From this ministry, several other ministries have been formed for which he has obtained the title of Apostle.
He is a wonderful counselor, excellent in spirit, graceful teacher and anointed preacher. He lives what he preaches and teaches. He desires that we would all be saved and recognize the potential that God has given us and not waste time but walk in faith and know that if God declared a thing, he will do what he says.

Sheila Phillips

Evangelist Sheila Phillips is an anointed and duly appointed woman of God, who has been called by God and through the leading of the Holy Ghost, has been equipped to minister the Word of God to his people. She is a woman who wears many hats. She is a wife, mother, co-pastor, leader, teacher and mentor.
She preaches the uncompromising Word of God with such passion that believers understand what it is that God genuinely wants and is expecting from those who believe.
She is a woman of principle, humble but firm in her desire to keep the people of God stirred up and walking in the right direction. She is not only a hearer of God’s Word but a doer as well. She can talk the talk but she also walks what she talks. She is an inspiration to those around her and a valued asset to the body of Christ.

Bridgette Rosborough

(Assistant Pastor)
Bridgette Rosborough is a licensed and ordained Minister. She now works in the capacity of Assistant Pastor. She is one of the Advisors that oversee several ministries. Those ministries includes: Pastor’s Aide, New Members Orientation, Ushers and Greeters, Public Relations and the Singles Ministry. Minister Bridgette welcomes you to stop by and visit with us at New Temple of Praise. We look forward to fellowshipping with you.

Debra Britton

Associate Pastor
Dr. Debra Britton is an licensed and ordained minister who is part of the pastoral staff in the capacity of Associate Pastor.
She is the advisor to the following ministries:
Mission, Community Education, NTP Senior’s Board and Senior Administrative Leadership Team

Cheryl Holmes

Associate Pastor
Minister Cheryl Holmes is a licensed and ordained as an Associate Pastor and is working administratively under the leadership and guidance of Senior Pastor Lalan Phillips and Co-Pastor Shelia Phillips. She works behind the scene in many capacities.
She is avidly utilizing her organizational, clerical and administration skills to help elevate the church to a new level in Jesus Christ. She is a student of God’s Word and has become an anointed teacher and preacher of the oracles, statutes and commandments of the Word of God.